duminică, 19 ianuarie 2014

Fotografii alb-negru în culori

There’s a current wave of historical and vintage photographs, being brought back to life through the wonders of modern technology.

Two artists in particular Dana Keller and Sanna Dullaway , have spent hours colourizing some fascinating black and white portraits from yesteryear.

In doing so, it’s almost as if those images were taken right now, in the present day – yet some are up to 100 years old. Of course we will never truly know if the colours actually represented the clothes and styles at the time, they are after all, merely an artists interpretation of what might have been. But we think it’s fun way to reinvigorate and reimagine the past, don’t you?
1.Kissing the War Goodbye, 1945

2. Anne Frank

3. Thich Quang Duc’s self-immolation, 1963

4. Abraham Lincoln

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