sâmbătă, 19 decembrie 2015


"Not being able to love fully, they will believe your love is incomplete"- Charles Bukowski

I have been afraid to show my real feelings, my weaknesses since I met you. You told me to trust no one, but me; to trust nobody, not even you. But the truth is I have always trusted you, even after you had left.
You made me open my eyes. You taught me to show myself strong to the others. That's why I feel so ruined inside now. I lost many "friends" thanks to your lessons. The world is so cruel... without their masks I feel so lonely...
You told me you'll be there, but you suddenly left. Was it my fault? Was it yours? I don't know, I don't really care anymore, because the only thing that my animalic instincts tell me to do is to kill the ones with the fault. Right: those two guys. But I don't... want to go to jail... yet.
I wish you watched over me. You once said you'll wait for me forever, but I blinked and you were gone.
I am so strong now. Like a god, I feel. But I, hahaha, wait a minute. I am.
If you had seen through me in these moments, you would have noticed how bad your absence poisoned me. I was an empty corpse with a smile on it's face and, oh, so many knives in it's hands.
I keep smiling, because I realised how weak you are. Egoist or not, full of hate or not, you'll die if you are alone. That's why you are chasing people. You are so scared, little soul. I read you well.
You see.. I have always been lonely in this life.
Should I kill her? Should I kill you?

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